Career Performance

Career Performance Review Service

With the strategic approach of IPECC, we will work together to define: –

  • How you are managing your priorities
  • Your level of skills & knowledge in your current role
  • Your attitude at work and towards work
  • Your beliefs
  • Where would you like to be – short term goal and long term goal

Companies with clear extensive criteria for the rating of employees:

I – Initiation. Understand ALL the criteria
P – Planning. Plan how to meet all or most of the criteria for specific targeted rating scale (e.g. Excellent – Very Good – Good – Poor)
E – Executing. Do. Take Actions. Seek ongoing and regular formal and informal feedback from peers, boss, clients, other colleagues. Document your contributions and added value to your team, to your boss and to the Company.
C – Control. Actively reinforce your knowledge in specific areas where required. Monitor your progress. ASSESS YOURSELF regularly.
C – Closing. Demonstrate your self-worth by being proud of your achievements and results. Project yourself as a valuable employee who deserves to be acknowledged and rewarded as per the performance criteria.
Go back to the I-P-E-C-C as many times as required for clarity and confidence.

Companies with unclear criteria for the rating of employees:

I – Initiation. Understand ALL the criteria and investigate who are the high-achievers of the company at your level
P – Planning. Seek mentoring and guidance from them. Plan a lot of networking to gain insight of the company’s culture and the bosses’ approach, how do they assess their employees?
E – Executing. Do. Take Actions. Investigate the company’s policies, understand them, know your company, what do they want from their employees?
C – Control. Assess the gathered information and validate against the criteria and your performance. Is there any grey area? Investigate further from HR, your boss, intranet. It’s your future, work towards it.
C – Closing. Seek validation of your findings, understandings, clarity and get a formal acknowledgement from your boss or HR department that you will be assessed on your validated findings.