Life Coaching – What are you good at?

December 6, 2018

Life Coaching – What are you good at?

What are you good at, Richard? Richard was an excellent employee who got temporarily transferred from Department A to Department B for a period of 4 weeks.

About Richard.

Richard was assigned a mentor to facilitate his transition in Department B. The mentor was one of the gurus of the team who successfully delivered products and services beyond expectation. After 2 weeks of training with his mentor, Richard was assigned a simple task that his mentor felt that he would be able to run with it.

Richard’s work was reviewed, revised and redone completely after several attempts from his mentor to put him on the right track. Different mentors were assigned to Richard for different tasks. Richard was still not able to deliver what was expected from him.


The Project Manager of Department B was summoned by her boss and was advised that Richard was to remain permanently in Department B.

Life Coaching by the Project Manager.

The team was not happy with the news of having Richard in the team permanently.

The Project Manager who was good at Life Coaching met with Richard and asked him. “What are you good at, Richard, where you believe you can add value to the team?”

Richard was feeling rejected, worthless, not good at anything and being a burden for the team.

What he shared with the Project Manager was that he was excellent in using his skills to automate complex reports.

The Project Manager had to produce daily, weekly and monthly reports that were taking all her weekends. She shared with Richard all the manual steps and processes to create those automated reports. Within 2 weeks, the Project Manager no longer was working weekends. She mentioned the good practice on the company’s intranet, in meetings, in Newsletters.

Richard became the most sought out employee of the company. This boosted his self-worth, his self-esteem and became a very happy and respected employee.

What are you good at?

Share what you are good at with the world (Facebook, LinkedIn and other media). There is always someone who will give you the opportunity to do what you are good at. Do you have life coach to guide you?

Sometimes you might feel like you are bragging when you mention to people what you are good at. You would much prefer to be asked about your weaknesses. You will be unstoppable!! Boost your confidence and self-worth. Reach out for a Life Coach.

Take this challenge. Write down 25 things you are good at. Don’t think, just write them down. You will be amazed of how many things you are good at. You will feel great about yourself.

Shine anywhere and be prepared for the opportunities when you are asked what are you good at!

Seek Life Coaching for your Personal Development and Be the person, the employee who adds value to others and to yourself.