Let’s explore your goals and your boundaries

August 8, 2018

Let’s explore your goals and your boundaries

Buddy: Knock, Knock, Knock

You: Who is it?

Buddy: Don’t you know?  I am the one looking after you, I make sure you don’t get hurt, disappointed and tell you if you are good at what you do and want to do.

You: Who gives you the right to do so?

Buddy: Yourself.

You: I NEVER allowed you such authority or importance to direct my life!

Buddy: Oh yes, You DO, All the Time.

You: I’m lost. Explain to me what’s going on!

Buddy: You see, you have a little voice in your head that tells you very often that you are not good enough or asks, “who do you think you are”. That little voice sabotages your goals, it’s a dream breaker, it limits you in what you want to be and achieve. It prevents you from actualizing your desires and your dreams. They are boundaries that you create yourself by letting this little voice take control and letting you believe that it is protecting you.

You: What can I do? How do I fight this nasty little voice in my head?

Buddy: Those messages from that nasty little voice come from the conscious and unconscious beliefs that you live by. Learn how to uncover your limiting beliefs to stop that little voice preventing you from reaching your goals.

You: How do I do that?

Buddy: The fastest way is to seek help to overcome those limiting beliefs to reach out for your goals. Coaching is an excellent place to start. Coaching will give you the tools you need to uncover your limiting beliefs. Coaching will help you how to move forward. You will start taking actions towards achieving your goals.

You: Thanks, Buddy. I am going to look for a coach now.