Life Coaching – stand on your own feet using IPECC


I was introduced to Joanna, a young married woman of about 35 years who was depressed, did not sleep, was having financial and social issues. She was going through a divorce and was at a loss, the husband used to take care of nearly everything. Now finding herself to deal with solitude, change of status and no income. Tried to hang on with a brave face socially, specially in her inner circle of relatives. The effort to look good was tremendous and so stressful that she became very depressed, losing much weight, sleep. Her world had collapsed and did not know what to do.


The objective of the coaching sessions was to get Joanna out of her depression by getting her to stand on her feet, both financially and through improved self-esteem.


Our first meeting was about Initiation, that is listening to Joanna, pouring her heart, letting emotions out, words flowing. Joanna had been keeping her problems to herself for several years. In the following sessions, Joanna started to have hope that she could get her life back. She wanted to go back into her field that she left when she got married, more than a decade ago. We then applied the Planning stage of the IPECC method. We put a plan together for her to be ready to get back in the workforce as soon as possible. This started to boost her self-confidence, and Joanna started applying for several jobs and taking actions to ensure that she was ready when the opportunity will arise. She was very focus and committed in her Execution phase.

During the weekly sessions we would assess her progress, revisiting how she was feeling about herself, her situation and about her progress in getting a job. (Monitoring and Controlling phase).


Joanna being now open to opportunities with a more positive approach in life, she was able to choose the job that is still giving her so much happiness in her life. (Closing phase)

It was so rewarding to hear Joanna’s laughter, her enthusiasm and excitement about her job. It was no longer about her, her misery, her status of divorcee. Now it was all about what else can she do more at work, in life and for herself.